Roberto D'Agnelli

Full Stack Developer,Android Developer,Web Designer

Name: Roberto D'Agnelli

Profile: Full Stack Developer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3463631153


Scientific High School 100%
Bachelor's Degree 100%
Master's Degree 20%
About me

I'm Roberto D'Agnelli and I'm an independent web & software developer from Canosa di Puglia, Italy.

I'm a doctor in Computer Science and Technlogies for Software Production and I'm a student of Master's Degree in Computer Science: Software and Service Engineering.

As a freelancer, I collaborate with customers to transform ideas into reality. Programming has been my passion since I was 14 years old and for this reason I carry out my work with the utmost commitment and interest, which implies efficiency and precision.


My goal is to provide value for your business.

Software Development

As a software developer I deal with all the processes related to the design and implementation of new systems; from initial planning to parameter selection, design, writing, coding, cryptography, and verification.

Web Design

I can design and build the website you need. I will be responsible for the technical operation of the site, the communication in it, the graphic aspect and the way in which users interact with the system (user experience).

Android Development

I can make apps for smartphones and tablets running on Android operating system. I develop apps in Java using the Android software development kit (SDK) and following the guidelines of Google Material Design.


Here you can see the list of the works I completed with representative screenshots.